The history of the Spółdzielnia 'POKÓJ’ dates back to 1949. From the very beginning of its existence, the company has been involved in producing popular sweets, primarily 'Milk Fudge,’ which have a Polish heritage and represent a Polish speciality.

About us


Utilizing the rich traditions of Polish confectionery and the extensive experience of our employees, the 'POKÓJ' Cooperative has developed its own recipes that guarantee excellent product quality and unique flavour characteristics.

In line with the changing trends in the confectionery market, the Spółdzielnia 'POKÓJ’ continually enhances its product offering, creating new recipes, exploring new flavours, packaging forms, and introducing fresh graphical designs for packaging

The product range of the Spółdzielnia 'POKÓJ’ includes non-crystalline milk fudges such as 'krówki’ and toffees with brand names 'KRÓWKI,’ 'TOFFI KUBANKA,’ 'TOFFI EXTRA,’ and 'TOFFI MACZEK.’ The Spółdzielnia 'POKÓJ’ also offers promotional 'krówka’ items, which are highly popular as promotional giveaways.

You can explore the entire product range offered by the Spółdzielnia „POKÓJ” on our website.

The products of the Spółdzielnia 'POKÓJ’ are considered a delicacy, recognized as the best in the country, and their flavour has been appreciated by many customers worldwide. As a result, a significant portion of production is distributed to international markets through various clients.

We have a rich history of producing products in packaging created by our employees. An example is the wrapping of 'LUXURY CREAM FUDGE,’ which was designed by our employee, Mr. Edward Linek, in 1964 .:

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